COVID-19 Resources

Leaders in Built for Zero have expressed the need for a collection of quality, compiled resources and information about how to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. In response, we are continuously adding to a comprehensive selection of resources using a quality control process, which you can read about here.


These resource guides compile sources and information related to key topics. To directly access the primary resources cited in those documents, use the Search and Filter function below.

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Project N95: A national clearinghouse to connect healthcare providers with critical equipment

PN95 is coordinating with manufacturers and suppliers to secure PPE to frontline medical workers across America.

Seattle/King County Public Health: Interim Guidance on COVID-19 for Homeless Service Providers

Guidance specific for homeless service providers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

San Francisco Department of Health: Recommendations on COVID – 19 and people experiencing homelessness

The City of San Francisco’s current strategy to protect people experiencing unsheltered homelessness and modifying shelter operations.

NAEH: Homelessness & COVID-19: Considerations and Action Steps

Concrete actions steps and policy measures that stakeholders should implement to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Study by Culhane et al: Estimated Quarantine Capacity Need for the US Homeless Population Related to COVID-19

This report estimates the potential hospitalization, ICU use and mortality rates associated with COVID-19 infection among the U.S. homeless population.

WHO: Operational considerations for case management of COVID-19 in health facility and community

WHO’s interim guidance on the care of COVID-19 patients as the response capacity of health systems is challenged.

Thank you!

We appreciate all of the communities, providers, and people working to ensure the safety and health of individuals experiencing homelessness during this crisis.

APIC: Infection Prevention and Control for Shelters During Disasters

APIC guidance on preparedness and response to potential emergencies involving infection control issues in shelters.

CDC, HUD: Non-Congregate Approaches to Sheltering for COVID-19 Homeless Response

CDC and HUD guidance on setting up isolation spaces in congregate and non-congregate settings and screening individuals.

Fremont County Public Health Director issues public health order for non-congregate shelter

Canon City Daily Record article on Fremont County’s emergency pandemic response.

NHCHC: Needed Policy Response for a High-Risk Group

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s guidance on immediate policy actions for local homeless response systems to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Please continue to check this page for more recommendations and research detailing how homeless service providers can protect themselves and the people they serve during this crisis.

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Thank you to all of the communities, providers, and people working to ensure the safety and health of individuals experiencing homelessness during this crisis.