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What is the Built for Zero Collaborative?

Built for Zero is a movement to end homelessness across your entire community, leaving no one behind. Teams focus on chronic and veteran homelessness to learn what it takes to get to zero. Then, they scale their success to find homes for everyone. More than 70 U.S. communities are already working together, and at least 40 have driven reductions. Eleven have gotten all the way to zero for at least one group.

When you join Built for Zero, you’ll get support from a dedicated team of coaches at Community Solutions, internationally regarded experts, partners from key federal agencies, and successful peer communities across the country.

How It Works

Real-Time Data

Homelessness is constantly changing. You’ll start by building a comprehensive, real-time, by-name list of all single adults experiencing homelessness in your community.

Reduce to Zero

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll learn the science of rapid cycle testing to find out what works to reduce homelessness and build equitable outcomes in your community.

Zero for All

Sustainability is the real end game. After reaching your first zero, you’ll focus on maintaining your progress as you expand your focus to new populations.

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Fall Learning Session

Don’t miss our upcoming Learning Session in Denver, from October 21-23. Twice a year, Built for Zero communities come together to celebrate your wins, dig into your biggest challenges, and update your path to progress.