Ending homelessness isn’t just possible — it’s already happening!

Cities and counties just like yours are changing how local housing systems work to ensure an end to homelessness that lasts and leaves no one behind.

Built for Zero is movement of more than 80 communities working to measurably end homelessness, starting with veteran and chronic homelessness.

All communities at functional zero will be reviewed annually to ensure they are sustaining this dynamic end state for ending homelessness.

12 communities have ended veteran homelessness

  1. Gulf Coast region, MS
  2. Arlington, VA 
  3. Montgomery County, MD
  4. Rockford, IL
  5. Bergen County, NJ
  6. Abilene, TX
  7. Lake County, IL
  8. Norman, OK
  9. Chattanooga, TN
  10. Lynchburg, VA
  11. Crater Region, VA
  12. Fremont County, CO

5 communities have ended chronic homelessness

  1. Rockford, IL
  2. Lancaster, PA
  3. Bergen County, NJ
  4. Abilene, TX
  5. Bakersfield, CA

Three have ended both.

  1. Rockford, IL
  2. Bergen County, NJ
  3. Abilene, TX

What is Functional Zero?

What is Functional Zero?

A community has ended veteran homelessness when the number of veterans experiencing homelessness is
less than the number of veterans a community has proven it can house in a routine month. It has ended chronic homelessness when the number of people experiencing chronic homelessness is zero, or if not zero, then either 3 or .1% of the total number of individuals reported in the most recent point-in-time count, whichever is greater.

Communities across the country are refusing the accept the unacceptable and reducing and ending veteran homelessness.

Stories of Success

Smiling team members from Northern Chicago

“People think ending homelessness is not achievable, because the system wasn’t designed to end it: it was designed to manage it. But if you redesign it with zero in mind, it can be ended.”

Brenda O’Connell and her community of Lake County, Illinois, ended veteran homelessness with the help of Built for Zero.
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