If your community is working to end chronic and veteran homelessness, don’t do it alone!

Join more than 80 other communities in Built for Zero, a movement of communities working to end homelessness for good, leaving no one behind.

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How can your community become a part of Built for Zero?

Does your community have what it takes? No two communities look the same, but becoming Built for Zero always starts with the will to work differently.

Step one: Determine if my community is eligible to apply

Who can join Built for Zero?

U.S. communities

What does it take?

First, you’ll need to form a leadership team made up of multiple stakeholders within your community. The first key stakeholder is your Continuum of Care (CoC), the entity that is overseeing your coordinated homeless response system and data collection. Search for your local CoC.

The second key stakeholder is your local Veterans Affairs (VA) team. Leaders from your housing authority, or from city or county government, are optional, but they can really supercharge your efforts. We recommend reaching out to see what’s possible! Once you’ve got these key players on board, we’ll help them build the right team of leaders from local nonprofits, faith groups, and other sectors as appropriate.

What do we need to know?

The Built for Zero Collaborative is a systems improvement program designed to help your community equitably end homelessness for good. Communities initially join for one year and re-enroll annually as they work toward these goals. Your community will have the support of a dedicated team of coaches from Community Solutions, experts from across the country, partners from key federal agencies, and a coalition of other community teams all committed to helping you succeed.

Step two:  Determine if my community meets the requirements

You’ll need:

  • A clear, community-wide goal to reach functional zero for veterans and/or individuals experiencing chronic homelessness as a step toward ending homelessness for everyone. All Built for Zero communities agree to this simple, objective framework for measuring an end to homelessness.
  • A committed multi-agency team of leaders who can take ownership of setting goals and coordinate your systems improvement work. That team should include groups like your VA and your local Continuum of Care.
  • A lead coordinator and a data lead. These individuals don’t need to be formally in charge, but your team will need to give them the permission and responsibility to convene meetings, get the right people to the table, gather and manage your data, and drive your broader group of leaders forward. If no one is in these roles yet in your community, we’ll help you figure out who should occupy them.
  • Monthly data reporting and readiness to reach new data quality thresholds. Your first step in the Built for Zero Collaborative will be to build a real-time, by-name list of all single adults experiencing homelessness in your community. This will give you a live picture of the shifting dynamics of homelessness in your system. Your team will begin using data in new ways by collecting and tracking by-name data on monthly inflow, outflow, and active homelessness.

Participation in the Built for Zero national peer support network, including two interactive Learning Sessions each year, where you will have the opportunity to learn from and spread ideas to other communities.

Step three: We’re interested in enrolling! What do we need to do?

Please complete the enrollment interest form below, and one of our Built for Zero staff members will follow-up with you with next steps!

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