Overview of the Built for Zero Collaborative


The Built for Zero Collaborative is a yearlong journey designed to help your community get results for people experiencing homelessness. Ten Built for Zero communities have already ended veteran homelessness, three have ended chronic homelessness, and two have ended both! Another 39 communities have achieved substantial reductions for these groups. 

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Your community will start out in the By-Name List Cohort, where you'll work with our coaching team to build, improve and confirm a comprehensive, reliable, real-time, by-name list of all single adults experiencing homelessness.

The faster you reach this milestone, the faster you'll move into the Reduce to Zero Cohort, where you'll learn the science of testing improvement ideas in rapid cycles to drive monthly reductions in homelessness.

Reach functional zero to move into the elite Zero for All cohort, where you'll focus on sustaining your gains as you expand your focus to ending homelessness for additional populations.

What's Included?

The Collaborative methodology was first pioneered in the healthcare sector to combat the spread of deadly infections. Our adapted model leverages the Community Solutions team, experts from across the country, partners from key federal agencies, and most importantly, your peers. 

Here's what you get:

  • 2 National Learning Sessions - Come together with other communities every four months for a two-day in-person peer learning session where you'll compare notes with other communities, tap into expert guidance from federal agencies and partner organizations, and build an action plan to get results in your community. The next series of Learning Sessions are scheduled for:

    • October 2019: Dates and Locations TBD

    • Quarter 1 2020: Dates and Locations TBD

  • One Local On-Site Action Lab

    • We come to you! An on-site Action Lab will be offered to participating communities once during the 12 months engagement period. Should BFZ and the local team working to end homelessness determine an on-site would be useful, the BFZ team will design and facilitate a cross-sector meeting with local leaders in their home communities to operationalize the systems improvements to drive measurable reductions for veterans and/or individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.

  • 3 Action Cycles - The action cycle is the 3-6 month period between learning sessions and on-site Action Lab. Our team will support you virtually with a dedicated Improvement Advisor and tailored support that may include:

    • Quality improvement coaching and training

    • Quick answers and technical assistance when appropriate

    • Access to experts from federal agencies and partner organizations

    • Learning and innovation spotlights from other Built for Zero communities.

  • Custom Data and Performance Management Infrastructure- Our custom data infrastructure won't replace HMIS...it will help you make sense of what it's telling you. The Built for Zero data team will work with your local data lead to make the best and easiest use of this infrastructure to help you:

    • Drive measurable progress toward zero

    • Run scientific tests of change in your system

    • Design and clarify your strategy

  • Built for Zero Change Package- From the first day of Learning Session #1, your community will have access to the Built for Zero Change Package— a digital compendium of more than a hundred proven ideas and strategies from communities like yours. Our team will teach you how to use the Change Package as a playbook for breakthroughs, helping you unlock progress when you get stuck or hit a wall.