NAEH 2019

Answers to the Crossword puzzle

1. Built for Zero offers communities an online compendium of of more than 100 proven ideas and strategies for ending homelessness from communities like yours. What is this resource called?

  • Change Package

2. Fill in the blank: Community Solutions’ mission is to help communities adopt the best problem-solving tools from multiple sectors to end homelessness and the ________ that create it.

  • Conditions

3. Community Solutions’ Built for Zero team aims to end homelessness for two sub-populations. Which two are they?

  • Veteran and Chronic

4. What tool helps communities keep track of exactly who is experiencing homelessness in their area and what resources they need to resolve their housing crisis?

  • By-Name List

5. If a community is able to house a number of people greater than the number that enter homelessness each month, the community has reached _______ ________.

  • Functional Zero

6. How many US communities were enrolled in the Built for Zero collaborative as of January 2019?
A) 112 B) 75 C) 29

  • Seventy-Five

7. How many communities have reached Functional Zero in veteran homelessness?

  • Ten

8. What practice helps people experiencing homelessness avoid staying in an emergency shelter while they are assisted to find permanent housing options?

  • Diversion