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HUD: List of CPD Director Contact Information

Email list of HUD Community Planning & Development (CPD) directors.

HUD: List of HUD Field Offices

Directory of HUD’s local offices

HUD: CARES Act ESG, HOPWA, and CDBG Recipients

HUD spreadsheets on full-year allocations for CPD formula programs and CARES Act supplemental funding for fiscal year 2020

Leveraging HUD Resources for COVID-19

How to find guidance or technical assistance from HUD regarding funding.

CDC: Protecting Healthcare Personnel

This CDC compilation of resources is intended to promote patient safety and increase the safety of the healthcare work environment through improved use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by healthcare personnel.

CDC: How Covid-19 Spreads

This CDC document outlines how COVID-19 spreads from person-to-person and from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, along with explaining how easily the virus can spread.

Thank you!

We appreciate all of the communities, providers, and people working to ensure the safety and health of individuals experiencing homelessness during this crisis.

CDC: Personal Protective Equipment FAQs

Frequently asked questions about personal protective equipment.

CDC: Use PPE When Caring for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19

How healthcare personnel should use PPE when caring for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

IHI: Recommendations for PPE Conservation: Restrict, Reduce, Re-Use

This guidance from IHI outlines necessary strategies to conserve the supply of personal protective equipment (PPEs) until production is sufficient to meet the needs of the health care workforce.

CDC: Quarantine and Isolation

CDC info sheet on quarantine and isolation.

CDC: When and How to Wash Your Hands

CDC best practices on hand washing to help prevent the virus from spreading.

FDA: 4 Steps to Food Safety

FDA guidance on food safety.